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"Everything we do has a purpose, and we love sharing what we do with those that come and visit us,,, it might just change your life."

Dryhead Ranch


Dryhead Ranch 

Working ranch vacations offer a unique, real riding experience. Dryhead is family owned for several generations and the land and cattle and visiting guests are a lifestyle not a job. Dryhead ranch is located on the east slopes of the Pryor Mountains in the heart of the historic Crow Indian Reservation. Our fourth generation family drives cows and horses 50 miles into the ranch in the spring and back to winter pastures in the late fall to Lovell, Wyoming. Our location is unique to Indian culture and cowboy history. The ranch setting is remote and riding each day makes you feel like you have stepped back into history. Our daily goal is to give each guest a real life experience on a perfect horse doing something you both love. Each week offers a "hands on" ranch experience that is waiting just for you: Spring time challenges you to work with mother cows with new calves, trailing to the ranch in May, branding the calves in June, weaning in September. Summer offers the excitement of gathering the mares and new foals to divide into mare bands, late fall is the best when we gather them back to headquarters to wean the colts and register them for AQHA. November finds us trailing cows and horses back to Wyoming for the winter. Guests feel like family in our small groups and gather with anticipation each morning for a new and memorable cowboy experience. We can't wait to share this land, our history, cattle, and friendship with YOU.



  • Internet Access
  • Riding Instruction
  • Private Cabins
  • Cookouts
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Real Cattle and Horse drives
Contact Us: 

1062 Road 15
Lovell, Wyoming  82431

Telephone: 307-548-6688

E-Mail: schively@starband.net